• Chris Field

    Consultant in Arid and semi-arid lands and wildlife.

    Has PhD in Zoology and Ecology of Wildlife in Uganda.
    Has carried out assignments in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethipia, Somalia, Sudan and Tunisia with experience in Djibouti, Eritrea, Namibia and Botswana.

    He completed 13 years of research on wildlife in Uganda and Kenya and 33 years of research, development and extension among pastoralists in ASALs. He has published a Manual for Pastoralists and their Promoters and over 100 scientific papers.

    Kenya Camel Association.

    He was a founder Member and Chairman for 11 of 14 years of the KCA, promoting the camel and through it improving the livelihoods of camel owners. Convened 13 annual Kenya Camel Forums attended by > 100 persons each for a week in remote parts of Kenya.

    Has kept a herd of up to 200 camels for > 12 years on an economic basis with detailed records. Published several reports. Based on the herd, has established a traditional nomadic camp which is a unique opportunity for tourists.

    The camp has run for 9 years and attracted visitors from all over the world as well as school groups, British Army etc. Visitors ride camels and may go trekking and camping among wildlife on ranches or the open range. Another associated business is the marketing of camel products, especially milk which is now becoming a popular health food.

    He is a qualified Kenya Professional Safari Guide (Silver level).

    Initial contact:
    Chris: +254 (0)722 361 642
    Email: chrisfield@fieldoutdoor.com