• Welcome to Nanyuki River Camel Camp!

    Nanyuki River Camel Camp in Laikipia, Kenya's High Country

    "Facing Mt Kenya in the Nanyuki River Camel Camp thousand star hotel"

    During the late nineteen eighties a British NGO with Canadian funding called FARM-Africa identified a need to help pastoralists in northern Kenya to become more self reliant in food. In order to reach the target population of camel- owning nomads, it was recognized that the Project should "go to the people, live with them and jointly seek solutions to their problems." In brief, we had to be nomadic also.

    Our first attempts proved costly as our tents could neither resist the powerful sun, nor stand up to the relentless wind. By contrast we quickly became aware that the traditional nomadic houses were much more durable, provided better insulation against temperature extremes, while still being portable on the backs of camels, all at a fraction of the cost of modern tents. For the next twelve years our teams lived continuously among the nomads in our own traditional mobile outreach camps. We thoroughly identified with the people even to having our own herd of camels for the purpose of demonstrating sound husbandry. Over the years we visited the remotest nomads living along the Ethiopian border, never ceasing to wonder at their remarkable bush knowledge acquired and handed down over the centuries, which helped to ease them through life's crises.

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  • Camping and Camel Trekking Gallery

    Situated just 40 minutes drive from the
    South Coast resort of Diani Beach, is the secluded yet luxurious retreat, known as
    Sable Fields. The House lies within the electrified perimeter fence of the Shimba
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  • Traditional Hut building Gallery

    Situated only four km from the center of Nanyuki town. The camp consists of ten traditional Somali houses brought from Mandera and Isiolo and made from woven
    palm mats attached to wooden frames..
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  • Cultural Manyatta Gallery

    Since most visitors in Kenya enter through
    the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
    (JKIA) in Nairobi, we have an introductory
    lunch and talk at our Karen residence where visitors may have a chance to interact with
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